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Whether you're working on a school project or starting a creative endeavor, there's a .new link that can help you get things done faster.

Business Services
Adobe Fill and sign PDF documents and forms.
Aftership Track your shipments across various couriers.
Aha Collaboratively build strategic roadmaps for your business.
American Fidelity File a claim towards your American Fidelity insurance.
American Fidelity Submit a reimbusement request from your American Fidelity account. Create and send bills to your clients using Create an invoice for your business using
Buffer Schedule and manage your social media posts.
Business Modeler Preview Create BPMN and DMN files online for your business.
Duda Create your wbsite and manage your business online.
eBay Create an online shop on eBay.
GoDaddy Build a website for your business with GoDaddy.
La Poste Upload documents to your Digiposte account.
Microsoft Teams Chat with your team using Microsoft Teams.
Namecheap Design personalized business cards with Namecheap. Create contacts by scanning your business cards.
Shopify Start a new online shop on Shopify.
Sopimustieto Create Finnish business agreements using common templates.
Stripe Create an invoice for your business using Stripe.
Stripe Send and accept payments using Stripe.
Stripe Add a new offering to your Stripe product catalog.
Stripe Create new subscription accounts for your customers using Stripe.
SurveyMonkey Create a new survey using SurveyMonkey.
Vauban Design your investment fund using Vauban.
Wix Build a new website usig Wix.
Ziprecruiter Create a job posting with ZipRecruiter.

Creative Apps
Adobe Compress PDF documents with simple drag and drop.
Adobe Design beautiful social media posts and more with Adobe Spark.
Adobe Convert JPG images to PDF.
Adobe Create a new logo for your business with Adobe Spark.
Adobe Convert Microsoft Word documents to PDF.
Anchor Record a new episode for your podcast using Anchor by Spotify.
Automattic Create a new blog post on your Wordpress blog.
BeFunky Quickly edit, filter, and enhance your photos.
BeFunky Arrange multiple photos into a ready-to-share collage.
Board Collaborate remotely on an online whiteboard.
Canva Create a new Canva design with your team.
Canva Create a new Canva poster with your team. Write music online with this collaborative score editor.
Flipping Book Convert PDFs into digital flipbooks you can share. Generate a favicon for your website.
Image Editor Edit images and photos online. Create a new web story using MakeStories.
Medium Create a new story on Medium.
Mux Upload and edit your video online.
My Brand New Logo Create a new logo for your business and brand.
Namecheap Design a new business logo with Namecheap.
OnShape Create a new CAD design online.
Spotify Create a new Spotify playlist. Edit your video online.

Coda Create a new doc for teams that combines documents, spreadsheets, and building blocks.
Asana Add a new task to your Asana project.
Automattic Create a new blog on
Bitly Create memorable, short links to your website.
Cotano Add a new card to your Cotano boards to track projects.
creativehub Share and comment on large files and chat live.
CV2You Build a new resume with one of CV2You's customizable templates. Create a new project in's data catalog. Add a new data set to your data catalog. Create a flowchart diagram to map processes.
Google Calendar Create and send a new Google Calendar invite.
Google Docs Create a new document using Google Docs.
Google Forms Create a new form using Google Forms.
Google Keep Create a new note using Google Keep.
Google Meet Launch a real-time meeting from your browser using Google Meet.
Google Sheet Create a new spreadsheet using Google Sheets.
Google Sites Build and publish a website using Google Sites.
Google Slides Create an online presentation using Google Slides.
ICQ Chat with friends on ICQ. Generate test identities for testing purposes.
InVision Collaborate on an online whiteboard using InVision's Freehand.
KickResume Create a standout resume with KickResume.
Liner Create a new list on Liner.
Microsoft Excel Create a spreadsheet using Excel.
Microsoft PowerPoint Create a new presentation using PowerPoint.
Microsoft Sway Create beautiful designs using Microsoft Sway.
Microsoft Word Create a new document using Word.
MindMeister Create a new mindmap and share your ideas on MindMeister.
Prezi Design beautiful presentations using Prezi.
Slido Create a poll for your Slido meeting.
Slido Start a new Slido meeting.
Sprout Create a new note on Sprout.
Tettra Create a new page in your Tettra knowledge base.
Tettra Suggest new content for your Tettra knowledge base.
Text Editor Quickly write a note in this online text editor. Upload and share a file.
Vieta Start a new chatroom on Vieta.
Webex Initiate a Webex meeting.
WIP Add a new task to your WIP todo list.
Zip Extractor Create new zip archive to easily store and share files.

Developer Tools
CodePen Prototype your frontend code in CodePen's online development sandbox.
Flutter Prototype your app using Flutter's online editor.
Github Open new Github gists.
Github Open new Github repositories.
Glitch Code full-stack apps in your browser and collaborate live
Google AppScript Create and share new editor functions using Google App Script.
Kodular Start building an app using Kodular's drag and drop development suite.
MathWorks Open MATLAB in your browser and start programming.
Microsoft Visual Studio Create a new Visual Studio codespace for your project.
RunKit Prototype and launch your APIs using RunKit.
SeekWell Write SQL queries for your data in other applications.
Vercel Import your frontend projects to Vercel for preview and deployment.

Education Learn to code with real-time interactive coding sessions.
Kahoot Create an online quiz using Kahoot.
Prowise Design classes and presentations with Prowise Presenter 10.
Quizlet Create a new study set and test your knowledge using Quizlet.
Tabletwise Create a new online course on Tabletwise.

Custom Ink Create a custom t-shirt with your own art, text, and more.
eBay Sell products on eBay.
Grailed Buy and sell clothing on Grailed.
Mercari Sell your used stuff on Mercari.
Mobilistics Set up a custom server for your business or project.
Neighbor List your available storage space on Neighbor.
Packlane Design custom decorated boxes for your business.
Point 101 Order framed prints of your favorite photos.

More Shortcuts
Crossover Health Schedule a consultation with Crossover Health.
Dashlane Keep your online accounts secure with Dashlane's password generator.
DBLM! Don’t Be Late Mate Share your favorite activities and events on a map.
Discord Start a new Discord community where you can hang out and chat with friends.
eToro Buy, sell, and trade Bitcoin on eToro.
eToro Buy, sell, and trade Ethereum on eToro.
eToro Buy, sell, and trade TSLA on eToro.
eToro Buy, sell, and trade TWTR on eToro.
eToro Buy, sell, and trade Ripple on eToro.
EveryHuman Create a unique scent based on your personality using an algorithmic perfumery. Share your salary details on to help people get fair pay.
OpenTable Make a restaurant reservation with OpenTable.
ParkMobile List or reserve parking spots in your nearby area.
PulsePoint Add your automated external defibrillator to the PulsePoint AED registry to help improve cardiac arrest survival.
Purpl Create and share event listings on Purpl. Generate friendlier email responses.